The Race !
Scaler           1.02:6
Siebenaler     1.01:7
Grimes          1.03:1
Begnoche      1.02:0
Grace Jr        1.03:0
Remmers      1.03:2
Podgorski      1.03:0
Fredricks      1.03:6
McCarthy      1.03:4
Grace Sr       DNF..

Lime Rock 2007
Team2Stool !
The Grid
Sunny & Hot

Roger            1:01.162
Scaler            1:01.2     
Grimes           1:01.5
Remmers       1:01.6
Grace Sr        1:02.0
Fredricks        1:02.1
Grace Jr         1:02.
Begnoche      1:02.9
McCarthy       1:03.2
!Scaler Wins!

When I get A sheet I will post the results,,

The weather was sunny and hot for the Race...

Roger goes off on the First Turn of the First Lap and
ends up 15 seconds behind the Leader Dave Scaler

Grimes is second and Remmers is third...

On the second lap I try to take the up hill right hander
"Flat"  "As would be required " To possibly catch
Scaler....And I almost meet the guardrail...!

By the third lap I hadalmost lost in every turn!... So I
think I have a tire problem and decide to make a less
aggressive plan!  

Remmers passes me....  I hope He can get us up to
Scaler!  After a few laps HE GOES OFF!......

By the half way point I knew what I had to do! Just
keep in on the road! A few laps later I get the word on
the radio from Bruce McIntosh and Bill Smith "My
Guys" ,,That the car behind me is "ROGER" and I
should hook up and He will take me up to
Scaler.....Then I radio back....."No I don`t think so! "
Not today boys " I`am gonna Take my third place....
Drink some beer load my
undamaged  car in the
trailer,, forget to get a results sheet and the home, wake up Sunday go out on the
sailboat drink more beer and think about how smart
I`am for not wrecking my race car....I did Good!

Oh! By the way The general conscience was