The Northampton 2010
Just as Kevin Harvick was crossing the finish line at Daytona to win the
Bud Shootout Kevin Finbeiner was hitting the final shot to win this years
Northampton Crouquet Club tournament! Our Kevins brilliant drive started
from a distant corner on the course. At that point of the match both
Donna Remmers and Tim Remmers were in commanding positions on "this side
of the sidewalk" looking forward to a certain victory.But then it was

Kevins turn. Durring Kevins run he blew past the other finalists Brian
Holtz , Tommy Martin and Stiny Link. The custom mallet he used had been
refined over many years of tournament play and is now property of the
Donnas appearance in the final earned her the 'Cockete" for a second
year. She is the only winner of this prize as the highest finishing woman
in this male dominated tournament. It certainly looked like she was going
to take both awards mid way through the championship match with only
Kevins spectacular play cutting off Donna from taking home two trophies.
The Archie Peck award was passed from last years recipient Tim Remmers to
Fred Gillmartian. This award is given to an individual who exhibits the
highest levels sportsmanship and sprit over the years.
Also a tip of the hat goes to Mira Lincavage for helping out on the grill
outside and in the clubhouse. Miras efforts made a better night for
everyone who attended --
thank you. Past Champ Bill Roch as " scorekeeper
/ referee" held things together as well !

As Jim Cain the 2009 winner of the tournament passed the cock to this
years latest cock holder we look forward to next years 10th anniversary.
Kevin with the committee will determine next years date but,we do know
the event will be a "formal affair" to celebrate the 10th anniversary.
Back to the Hat Trick - Guess who had Kevin Harvick in the "bud shoot out
pool" ???  you got it - our NCC 2010 Champion. Guess who won the largest
"Left-Right-Center" pot of the night ?? - right again - our NCC 2010 champion.
Kevin could do no wrong on this frigid night in February. He won