Nelson 2006
David McKenney
Picture perfect weather and only 2
F500's in the race group made for
excellent conditions for the FV race.
Polesitter Jim Kearney lead the pack
into Turn One, with Ed Womer, Ray
Carmody, Justin Barker, Gary Blanarik,
David Scaler, and Rick Shields making
up the top 7. Ed took the point from
Jim on the 3rd lap with a pass at The
Kink; three laps later, Jim retook the
lead and never again relinquished it.
Ray Carmody and Justin Barker were
right with Jim and Ed, with Justin
getting past Ray on the 12th lap. Gary
Blanarik kept tight with them in 5th.

The front pack of seven became a
quintet when Rick Shields and David
Scaler dropped back a bit as they
changed positions between
themselves. Shortly thereafter, Rick
began dropping back with unknown
troubles, and David lost several
positions with a bobble exiting Turn 13.

Just behind the frontrunners was the
trio of Dale Rader, Steve Batcha, and
Glenn Tupper, and they were having a
good old time trading positions
amongst themselves. A quartet
followed them, consisting of Doug
Voss, Jim Rowland, Dan Voss, and
Greg Davis, and they were likewise
having at each other.
The turning point in the race came on lap
13 when a double-yellow was thrown. The
"lead" F500 had lapped all but the leading
quintet of Vees by that point, so the pace
car picked up that '500 and Our Front 5
wound up at the back of the paceline 6
laps later for the green. As you may've
guessed, the restart was not without
trouble, with Steve Batcha off at the
Carrousel and Greg Davis losing the nose
on his D-13 in seperate incidents.
Saturday Qualifying (best of 2 sessions)

1    Jim KEARNEY             Protoform P3           1:16.033
2    Ed WOMER               Womer EV-3            1:16.272
3    Justin BARKER           Protoform P2            1:16.980
4    Ray CARMODY           Mysterian M2           1:17.016
5    Dave SCALER             Mysterian CM2        1:17.030
6    Gary BLANARIK          Caracal C                1:17.212
7    Kerry BOWMAN         Caracal D                 1:17.303
8    Steve BATCHA          Citation 98V             1:17.446
9    Rick SHIELDS             VDF-2                    1:17.562
10  Tim TAYLOR             Protoform P2           1:17.597
11   Ray PHILLIPS            Protoform P3           1:17.773
12   Dale RADER              Protoform P2           1:17.836
13   Glenn TUPPER          Protoform P2           1:18.001
14   Jim ROWLAND          Protoform P2           1:18.578
15   Doug VOSS              Protoform P2           1:18.993
16   Greg DAVIS             Caldwell D13            1:19.071
17   Dan VOSS                Protoform P2           1:22.515

1      Jim KEARNEY
2      Ed WOMER
3      Justin BARKER
4      Ray CARMODY
5      Gary BLANARIK
6      Glenn TUPPER
7      David SCALER
8      Doug VOSS
9      Ray PHILLIPS
10    Dan VOSS
11    Greg DAVIS
12    Jim ROWLAND
13    Steve BATCHA
14    Dale RADER
dnf   Rick SHIELDS
dns  Rick RUCKMAN
dns  Tim TAYLOR
dns  Kerry BOWMAN