David McKenney
Aka "VeeHive"

Qualifying (best of 2 sessions):

1    Gary KITTELL          1:15.675
2    Justin BARKER        1:15.709
3    Ray CARMODY        1:15.905
4    Jim KEARNEY          1:16.255
5    David SCALER        1:16.438
6    Rick SHIELDS          1:16.478
7    Charlie ROGERS        1:16.685
8    Eugene GRIMES      1:17.006
9    Gary BLANARIK        1:17.076
10  Ed WOMER              1:17.486
11  Dale RADER            1:17.504
12  Dean CURTIS          1:17.637
13  David GREEN            1:17.679
14  Harold JOHNSTON    1:18.336
15  Tim WOODS            1:19.171

As usual, the changable weather at
Nelson Ledges factored into the day's

First session of qualifying was held
under sunny skies, and Justin Barker
made the most of it by posting the top
time of 1:15.709. Jim Kearney, Gary
Kittell, Rick Shields and Eugene Grimes
rounded out the top 5.

Just after lunch, a storm front came
through (only a light rain but driven by
strong winds) and left the Vee
competitors wondering whether they
would run the 2nd session, but by the
time group 7 was called to the false grid
the sun was out and the track had
mostly dried.

About halfway through the 2nd session,
Gary Kittell got down to business, visibly
reeling in the cars of David Scaler and
Ray Carmody and passing both of them
on his way to a time of 1:15.675 and the
pole, bumping Justin Barker back to
2nd. Ray found the second session to his
liking as well, improving 1.2 seconds to
move up to 3rd.

Looking like a good race tomorrow.
Y'oughta come on out and see!


1    Justin BARKER               01:15.515
2    Ray CARMODY               01:16.130
3    David SCALER                01:16.247
4    Jim KEARNEY                 01:16.243
5    Gary KITTELL                  01:15.859
6    Rick SHIELDS                 01:16.614
7    Eugene GRIMES             01:16.755
8    Charlie ROGERS             01:16.668
9    Dean CURTIS                  01:16.021
10  Ed WOMER                     01:17.211
11  Dale RADER                   01:17.442
12  David GREEN                  01:16.310
13  Gary BLANARIK              01:16.978
14  Harold JOHNSTON          01:17.155
15  Tim WOODS                   01:18.006

What a race! Off the green, polesitter
Gary Kittell (CaracalD) took the point,
followed by Justin Barker (Protoform P2),
Ray Carmody (Mysterian M2), Dave
Scaler (Mysterian M2), and Jim Kearney
(Protoform P3). A pass on the second lap
put Barker in the lead, and from this
point Barker, Kittell, and Carmody
started working together and began
inching away from the field. Eventually,
though, the lead pack broke apart (a
missed shift in Turn 13 cost Ray
Carmody, and a lapping F500 a few laps
later broke the draft between Kittell and
Barker). It looked like it would be an
all-black-car podium until, on the last
lap, Gary Kittell put 4 wheels off at Turn
4 and lost 3 positions, allowing the
battling duo of David Scaler and Jim
Kearney to slip by for 3rd and 4th,

Great racing was found throughout the
field. Just behind the leaders, Rick
Shields and Eugene Grimes  had a
race-long battle for 6th place. Grimes
pulled off a textbook
drafting-up-the-front-straight pass into
Turn 1 to take the position from Shields;
a few laps later Rick retook 6th from
Eugene. Twelfth place starter Dean
Curtis worked his Womer EV-3 up to 4th
before going off course in Turn 1 to avoid
an F500; he rejoined and finished 9th.
And, Tim Woods, David Green, Harold
Johnston and Dale Rader had a great ol'
slice-and-dice amongst themselves that
lasted almost the entire race.

An excellent weekend of Vee racing.
Thanks to all who let me hang around,
and I look forward to seeing you all
again at BeaveRun next month!


~David McKenney