About the same time we found Houdina, we also found 2
kittens under our deck and also the mother, So I went
to shelter and got a trap,, I got the 2 kittens at
once!! we put them in the bathroom,, The next morning I
put the trap back and got the "Momma cat" I took them
all the to the shelter..They found homes for the
kittens But  MommaCat was a bit "feral", So they Fixed
her, cut the tip of her left ear off "so they don't trap
her again to be fixed",,And when she was All recuperated I
went and got her, I let her go where I trapped her!,
Now she lives in the back yard cause I was feeding
her! So I ended putting a cat door in the Team2stool
trailer I fixed up a spot in the trailer with a Pillow
and some heat, I found this 175watt "under desk heater"
that keeps her sleeping area around 60 degrees, also I
have a heating pad under her Bed! She is very happy
and turned out to be very affectionate cat!!! Now we
have 2 cats....They have met each other in the back
yard and so far no one has gotten hurt! ..Yet!
sometimes Houdina sits on top the metal shed and
watches MommaCat...Iam sure they will work out the
territory thing!

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