Billy Rubin,

Friday`s weather was hot with
intervals of bright sun and heavy rain.
The first qualifying session Hot and
The second session was in the rain,
only Mason went out!

Roger          1:01.1
Grace Sr     1:02.2
Grimes        1:02.4
Scaler          1:02.7
Remmers    1:02.8
Grace Jr      1:03.3
Mason         1:03.4
Bower          1:04.1

Saturday`s race was hot and sunny!
Grace Sr took the lead on lap one! On
lap two Roger passed Sr. on the main
straight and started to inch away
leaving a 5 car battle for the second
spot on the podium. But around lap 10
Jeff Bower put his D13 into the tire wall
in west bend! Although the car did not
look to badly damaged, it was about 8
laps before they got him "out" of the
Remmers and Jr. got screwed by the
pace car putting them a lap down.

The restart for the remaining 10 laps
saw Roger move away from Grimes
leaving Grimes, Mason, Scaler &
Grace Sr. to fight for P.2... Grimes,
Mason,& Scaler Went at it!... As Grace
sat back thinking something`s gotta
give! and 2 laps from the checker it
did! going into BigBend Scaler went for
the pass on the left of Grimes and
Mason was going for the right side,
They touch and they both Spin!     
Grimes sailed through the turn as did
Grace! who put the peddle to the metal
passed Grimes going into BigBend!
Grace crossed the finish line 3 feet
ahead of Grimes..Good Fun!!!

The Race!
Roger       1:01.5
Grace Sr   1:01.8
Grimes     1:02.2
Scaler       1:01.6
Remmers  1:02.2
Mason      1:01.9
Grace Jr   1:03.0
Bower       1:04.8 DNF
Roger does The SRford
12th to 5th