Happy 50th Roger !
Lime Rock 6

Final Qualifying Results:

Roger Siebenaler                   1:00.710
Dave Scaler                           1:01.095
Gary Kittel                              1:01:104
Allen Begnoche                      1:01.887
Tim Remmers                         1:02.023
Dan Grace, Jr.                        1:02.050
Jim Regan                              1:02.061
Dave Green                           1:02.254
Eugene Grimes                      1:02.341
Pete Pires                              1:02.343
Bruce McIntosh                      1:02.471
Dan Grace                             1:03.300

Official Race Results:   Fastest Lap Time:

1.  Roger Siebenaler              1:00.918
2.  Tim Remmers                    1:01.063
3.  Dave Scaler                      1:01.337
4.  Gary Kittel                         1:01.576
5.  Dan Grace, Jr.                   1:01.825
6.  Allen Begnoche                 1:02.122
7.  Dan Grace                        1:02.000
8.  Pete Pires                         1:02.086
9.  Bruce McIntosh                 1:02.106
10. Jim Regan                        1:01.639
11. Eugene Grimes               1:01.887
12. Dave Green                    1:02.368

By Donna Remmers,

Lots of great battles throughout the race:  

Tim, Dave and Gary for 2nd.

Eugene and Allen for 5th.

Bruce and Jim (early on for 7th), then
also with Pete in
the last several laps for 8th.

1st qualifying........ car shuts down....we think its
points, We changed the points, condenser, coil, cap &

2nd qualifying,....... car sputters & runs like shit!
We change Carburetor and Fuel pump!

morning warm ups,........ car runs good....

The race.......car runs good, but only good for 102`s
on the last lap I move from p6 to p5 and the car shuts
down in the "Up Hill" so I coast through west bend the
down hill and into the pits and get the checker out of
the points!

I was really looking forward to hanging with you at
the Beav!...But I must first find a witch doctor and
buy a  " black cat bone "!